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Retirement Travel Planning


Travel is at the top of 83% of Baby Boomers’ bucket lists. Why all the excitement around getting out of town? It’s probably because you will have free time, energy and hopefully a budget. So now the big question becomes what type of traveling do you want to do? Let’s explore the various types so you are fully prepared to tackle Kohota’s travel tasks.


One of the great things about travel in retirement is that there so many different types of trips you can take. Are you are all about relaxing. Sounds like you may want to consider a resort. Want some excitement? Plan an adventurous trip to an amazing destination. Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit towns of your ancestors to connect with your family roots. Go for it!

Traveling is an activity that can be done solo, as a couple, with friends or with an entire group of people. There are also trips to fit any budget, from low cost to luxury and everything in between. In the travel tasks section, you’ll learn how to determine who you want to travel with and how to figure your travel budget.


Some trips can have a deeper purpose. Many people now plan their destinations around specific hobbies. Maybe you’re a photographer, painter, runner or cook. We bet you can think of amazing places that would pair nicely with your favorite activities.


Volunteer trips have also become very popular. It’s another great way to combine two passions. Church groups and other local organizations often coordinate trips that serve a purpose. One Kohota reader just got back from an 8 day trip to Houston where he was part of a group that restored and renovated homes affected by Hurricane Harvey. Now that’s a trip!


Whatever your preference for traveling, get out there and grab the world by the horns. For specific tasks to better plan your trips, visit the travel tasks section.


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