Do you have the right mindset for a successful retirement?


What do you think your overall mindset is like? Are you naturally positive? Do you take care of yourself and others? How do you value time and money? A powerful mindset is vital as you venture through your retirement lifestyle planning journey. How you think and how you view the world can be the difference between tremendous success and status quo.

Kohota offers many tasks and resources that will address a variety of mindset topics. But before you jump into those exercises, we invite you take the quiz below to measure your baseline philosophical mindset. Fair warning, some of the questions will seem odd. That is on purpose. Open your mind and answer honestly. Have fun!


Do You Cut Your Own Grass?


Do You Take Time to Relax and Reflect on Your Thoughts?


Which Would You Choose?


Are You Envious of People Who Have More Than You?


Do You Enjoy Frequently Reading Books?


Do You Write Down Your Goals?

Swimming World Magazine

Do You Have a Mentor?


There Will Never Be Enough


Which Describes You?


Is Health & Wellness an Important Part of Your Life?


Philosophical Mindset Quiz

Wow, you have a great mindset. You're positive, generous, knowledgeable, focused and a real leader. These traits will serve you well on your retirement lifestyle planning journey.
Look Out Mind...Her Comes the Knowledge!

You have a lot of opportunity to mold and change your mindset. Good news, Kohota is here to help. We understand that sometimes you don't know what you don't know but don't get frustrated. Before long, you'll be thinking completely different and will be primed to have a tremendous retirement!

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Whether you are a Yoda or not, there is work to be done. Let Kohota help you view the world (and retirement) in a whole new way. You’re here because you must want to change something in your life. Don’t assume that everything you have been taught or learned is correct. Be open to new concepts and ways of doing things. Are you remarkable or the status quo? If you accept this challenge, then Kohota is for you! Give us a try!