couple kayaking in retirement

What is Retirement Lifestyle Planning?


You’ve probably heard of retirement planning, right? Not surprising, every month hundreds of thousands of people search the internet for terms like:

  • Retirement planning
  • Planning for retirement
  • Retirement income planning
  • And more

But you may not be as familiar with retirement lifestyle planning.


Here’s how Kohota defines Retirement Lifestyle Planning.

“Establish a 360° vision of what you want for your future, develop a personalized blueprint to help you get there and enjoy ALL aspects of YOUR retirement, regardless of age”.


Did that definition blow your mind? But if you really think about it, planning for your future is more than just making sure you have enough money, it’s about embarking on an exciting new lifestyle change. Where will you live? Want to learn a new hobby? Can’t wait to visit Australia or Iceland? What charity will be lucky enough to get your precious time? Money is a tool that gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams but money alone does not make these dreams a reality. You need a plan.


Kohota is a retirement coaching tool and makes retirement lifestyle planning fun and takes out all of the guess work. Some of the tasks on your personalized blueprint will be exciting, others will be thought provoking but we promise they will all get you closer to achieving your vision.


Before jumping right into the site, it might be fun to visualize your life in retirement. This quiz will help prepare your mind to receive all this awesome knowledge! After you finish, register for your free account to get started on your tasks.


Kohota is not your parent’s retirement plan, so join the revolution and begin planning your retirement lifestyle today.