Do you have the financial mindset for successful retirement planning?


Your financial mindset is an important part of your retirement lifestyle planning journey. In order to be financially independent, you need to master your financial literacy. Learn the terms, speak the language and understand how to leverage money in your favor.

Kohota offers many tasks and resources that will address a variety of financial topics. We’ll help you tackle basic financial vocabulary all the way up to complex financial tasks. But first…

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Classify Your Primary Residence


All Debt is Bad


Do You Carry a Balance on Your Credit Card?

Do You Spend More Than 4 Hours Per Month Managing Your Finances?


Do You Donate 10% or More of Your NET Income to Charity?


Do You Have 3 or More Streams of Income?


Do You Have Personal Financial Statements?

Will You Rely on Social Security When You Retire?

If You Had a $1,000 Emergency, Could You Cover it Without Using a Credit Card?


Financial Mindset
Financially Savvy

Congratulations! You are pretty financially savvy. But don't just rely on your current knowledge. Learning is a life-long activity that will continue to move you toward financial independence. Keep it going!
On the Right Track
You have some financial knowledge but there is opportunity for improvement. The fact you are taking this quiz and using Kohota shows that you are serious about increasing your financial literacy. Keep going and financial independence will soon be within your reach.
You Came to the Right Place

We're so glad you found this quiz and Kohota. You have a lot of opportunity to improve your financial literacy and we are here to help. Continue to use Kohota and you will see your financial education grow, along with your opportunity to eventually become financially independent.

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Regardless of whether you are a Guru or in need of more learning, Kohota will will help you increase your financial literacy on the journey to a happy, healthy, WEALTHY and wise retirement. Give us a try!