Retirement Goal:  Spend More Time on Hobbies

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Hobbies are a great way to enhance your mental and physical fitness. Is your retirement dream to climb a mountain, run a marathon or kayak the rapids? Maybe you prefer touring museums, taking cooking classes or gardening. Whichever sound exciting, we can help you plan to do more of your current hobbies or even learn a new one.


Task 1: Determine the hobbies you enjoy today that you want to spend more time doing in the future. Make a list.

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Task 2: List 3 hobbies you have always wanted to learn how to do but never had the time. These will be an exciting new adventure to look forward to! Need some ideas? Check these out.

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Task 3: Set a plan of attack. How many days/hours per week will you focus on each of these hobbies? A schedule may help you fit in all the fun activities you want to accomplish.

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Task 4: Determine if you want/need lessons to improve your current hobbies or learn some new ones. If so, research the where, when and how much around these lessons.

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Task 5: If Task 4 resulted in needing lessons, then signup and get started. It’s never too soon to start improving!

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Task 6: Are your hobbies solo or can you enjoy with family or friends? Determine who will be your fellow hobby enthusiast and create a schedule that works for everyone.

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Task 7: Is there a local group around this hobby? Engaging with like-minded people can be fun and you may even learn something you didn’t know. Research if these groups and join. If one doesn’t exist, maybe this is your chance to start one!

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Task 8: Do any of your hobbies allow you to travel? What a great way to combine two awesome things into one. Research where you would like to travel to for your hobby and book the trip. Our travel tasks can offer more guidance.

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Task 9: Send us photos of you rocking your favorite hobbies at It will help us recommend awesome hobbies to other Kohota users and we also just love to see people enjoying life!

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