About Us


What is Kohota? We noticed the scary reality that Baby Boomers are facing, Retirement is Broken! We spend years working our tails off, trying to sock some money away for the future and what has that gotten us? 61% of Baby Boomers have less than $100,000 saved for retirement. In addition, most Boomers have not even thought about what they want to do when they retire. Travel? Take care of Grandkids? Start a business?


Imagine if we planned the rest of our lives the way we plan retirement. Would you save money for a vacation, pack up the car, start driving and not even know where you’re going or what you’re going to do when you get there? Of course not, so why do most Americans plan the retirement this way?


Well at Kohota, we think the madness needs to stop! Retirement shouldn’t be stressful and full of anxiety. It should be fun, exciting and something to look forward to. Here at Kohota, we’ve created a retirement company that helps people view the retirement process in a whole new way. And more importantly, empower yourself to control your own destiny.


Sure, the financial planning part of retirement is important but it is not the only factor to a happy future. Kohota believes success and happiness is achieved through holistic retirement lifestyle planning. We are all motivated by someone or something, so tell us your goals and dreams and we’ll help you develop a personalized retirement blueprint to achieve your vision. We’ll also provide you with tasks, milestones and resources to keep you on the right track.


You deserve a happy, healthy, active and prosperous retirement and Kohota wants to help you get it. So tell us, what is your WHY?


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