5 Reasons To Visit St. Augustine, Florida

5 Reasons To Visit St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida is one of my favorite places to visit. I’m always surprised when I meet people who spend winter vacations in Florida and have never been to this great city.  About an hour south of Jacksonville, St. Augustine is a wonderful place to visit. It’s about a 3 hour drive from Orlando so it can be a nice reprieve when you’re overwhelmed with the excitement of the Orlando amusement parks and need a break.

Here are the top Five reasons you should visit St. Augustine, Florida.


5) History

Settled by the Spanish in 1565, St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in America.  With age comes a lot of experience so St. Augustine has a Historic Fort in the center of town, streets built for battle, and even tales of pirates and ghosts. It was developed by a wealthy oil tycoon, Henry Flagler so it also has beautiful architecture and hotels.  While visiting, you can get the full history on one of the open air Trolleys available as you explore the town. For those a little braver, you can even catch a Ghost Trolley at night and go ghost-hunting (I’m not so brave, I prefer the daytime trolley ride).

Statue of Ponce De'Leon at Fountain of Youth

Ponce De’ Leon Statue at Fountain of Youth



4) Walkability

Named one of the 10 most walkable cities in Florida, St. Augustine is really easy to get around.  We have easily made our way around the city on foot on our many trips here. There are even some streets that are closed to car traffic and are filled with people walking around shopping, or eating at the outside bars and patios.

Walking the streets of St. Augustine


3) The Fountain of Youth

The thing so many early explorers were looking for can be found right in St. Augustine – The Fountain of Youth.  Legend has it, if you drink the fresh spring water you will be young forever. This is a beautiful park and gardens with beautiful peacocks roaming the grounds.  Definitely a nice way to spend a bit of your day in St. Augustine. They do let you try the water while you’re there, so make sure you give it a try. It doesn’t taste the best but it’s worth a shot at immortality. 

Dog Dish with sign "Fountain of Pooch"

Funny Dog Dish at Fountain of Youth


2) Romance

Spanish architecture, beautiful gardens, and a place to stroll around, you’ve probably already guessed that St. Augustine is romantic.  It sure is!  St. Augustine is a popular place for honeymooners.  My husband and I honeymooned here when we were married. There is a winery and chocolate factory so it has everything honeymooners need. 

1) Beautiful Sunrises on Gorgeous Beaches

This was something I discovered on my last trip to St. Augustine, and it quickly jumped to my number one favorite thing about St. Augustine.  St. Augustine has beautiful beaches that are great places to catch an amazing sunrise. There is a long dock you can walk out on to catch the event (believe me it’s an event) in all of its glory.  The beaches there are wonderful with or without the sunrise but it’s definitely worth catching one just once.


Sunrise over water with clouds at St. Augustine Beach, Florida

Sunrise at St Augustine Beach

I love St. Augustine so much, I would go back every year if I could! It really is a wonderful destination for those traveling in retirement.