7 Reasons to Consider Sitting on the Board of Directors for a Non-Profit Organization

7 Reasons to Consider Sitting on the Board of Directors for a Non-Profit Organization

People attending a board meeting for a non-profit organization

Have you ever considered joining the Board of Directors for a non-profit organization? Well they definitely could use you! Did you know most boards range from 3-31 people, with the average board having about 9 participants? That means there are plenty of opportunities for you to help. Here are 7 reasons to consider becoming a Director on a board.

1)  They need your expertise

A non-profit organization relies on the expertise of business professionals from a variety of areas. People who have legal, marketing, accounting, human resources, grant writing, strategy, event planning and general business experience are often highly sought after for board positions.

2)  Networking

Not only will you have a chance to network with other influential business people, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with volunteers, committee members, office staff and more. And when these people realize how great you are, they’ll start introducing you to their connections too. What a great way to exponentially grow your network.

3)  You’ll learn to ask for money

A big part of being on a board is to help fund raise, it’s how the non-profit organization can continue to operate and support the cause. If you’re not already skilled at asking for money, you will be! Explaining the organization’s value proposition to corporations, business connections, friends and family is all part of the role. And do you think learning to ask for money may help in other aspects of your life, like negotiating that pay raise?

4)  Make new friends

This is different than networking. You may find that you have a lot in common with some of your fellow board members and want to socialize outside of the organization. After all, you are most likely surrounded by other passionate, caring, hard working people. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with people like that!

5)  Learn to read financial statements

Improve your financial skills by being involved in discussions around income, expenses, assets, liabilities and more. These conversations are important to the sustainability of the organization and you’ll learn to ask pointed questions about it’s financial health. Who knows, maybe some of this new found financial literacy will be useful with your own personal financial statements.

6)  Provides experiential opportunities

What a great opportunity to experience new things you may not otherwise have the chance to do. That could be planning a charity event, preparing for a financial audit, hiring an executive director or even leading a committee. Many people don’t have these types of opportunities in their current job, so how cool that you get try new things while helping a worthy cause. Win-Win!

7)  Give Back!

You are blessed and fortunate to live the life you do. You owe it to the world to pay it forward and give back whenever and however you can. Whether your non-profit organization of choice helps people or pets, raises $100,000 or $100,000,000, meets weekly or monthly, get out there and help those that are not as fortunate as yourself. The best feeling in the world is to give!

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