10 Stunning Photos of Las Fallas Festival that Will Make You Want to Book a Trip to Spain

10 Stunning Photos of Las Fallas Festival that Will Make You Want to Book a Trip to Spain

A few years ago, a friend of mine stumbled up Las Fallas on a trip to Spain.  The pictures she took were absolutely gorgeous and I had to find out more. Las Fallas is a festival held in Valencia, Spain every year to welcome Spring.  It is held from March 15 -19th each year. During the festival, sculptures called Falles are constructed from wood straps and papier mache.  These beautiful pieces are unveiled on the morning of the 16th of March and displayed throughout the week. They are then burned at the end of the week.

According to the visit Valencia website, the festival started when the carpenters of the area would gather their scraps and burn them at the end of the night.  The burning of the Fallas at the end of the festival, carries on this tradition. The temporary exhibits make this trip perfect for those who want to capture unique and once in lifetime travel opportunities. These pictures from previous festivals made me want to book a ticket right away!

Several year winner Falla Nou campanar known to be one of the biggest and most expensive falle.

Photo By Carquinyol – originally posted to Flickr as Falles 2007, CC BY-SA 2.0,4


wooden sculpture of man and woman dancing with street lights all around

The Street Lights of Fallas 2012

Photo Credit: Praktyczny Przewodnik,


wooden falle with older man with fairies all around

Falle from 2018

Photo Credit:  kum111 – Flickr


wooden sculpture of warrior and animals

Falla Almirante Cadalso-Comte d’Altea (7th Prize Falle from 2018)

Photo Credit:  Pericles Rosa Wikipedia


Falle of beautiful god and godess looking creatures

Falle From 2010 Festival


Falle from 2014

Photo credit:  Falconaumanni


Wooden sculpture with elf boy and girl


Photo: Anonymous


wooden sculpture of crocodile preparing to eat a human preparing to eat her eggs.


Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kaberon/


5 women in traditional spanish dress

People of Valencia in traditional costume

Photo: Yourtheone

wooden falla sculpture with figures woding up the world


Photo credit: Falconaumanni